Jan 19, 2012

Keeping it Real

Yes, I'm probably breaking some IP law, but I have no pictures. Read on.

When we lived in California, we loved In-N-Out. We also remember The Habit, of course, because it was delicious and a Santa Barbara local.

BUT, we have found our new favorite. B.Good. I first discovered it in April when I was trying to google some place that gave you free food for your birthday, as a birthday treat for Taylor. I put us both on their email list, and we have been in love ever since. Not only is the food awesome, but it's all local. The beef comes from a small farm in Maine (no antibiotics or hormones, grass fed), the potatoes are grown here in MA, the buns are from a Boston bakery, and the vegetables also come from a nearby farm.

We don't go there a lot because we are still poor church mice, and- a burger and fries is still a burger and fries, but we still get to go on occasion because they are constantly giving away free goods! Maybe we are taking advantage of them, but they know how to create loyal customers and if anyone asks where to find a good burger, we'll send them to B.Good. Now if you haven't gone, GO!

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  1. I'm going to California next week and I'm going to In-N-Out!