Feb 4, 2012

clarksville cave

all photos by Lance Dickey. The Clarksville Cave was incredible. And terrifying. It is just under a mile long and has a lake (resurgent sump) at one end and waterfall near the other. We checked both out and even stayed the night there.
 I'll admit though, at about 3:30am I woke up in our tent and was super duper claustrophobic!
 It was still an incredible trip and it was really fun to wiggle and worm through some tight spaces and wade through some deep flooded passageways too.
thank heavens for my ultra 80s wetsuit!!
 Camping underground was an unreal experience.

and Lance is an amazing photographer! He had like four flashes connected wirelessly (via radio frequency) that, together with sinking headlamps in ziplock bags let us get some killer shots.

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