Mar 16, 2012

Coming Out of Hibernation

Updating the blog has been on my to-do list for about a week- though on my mind for much longer. As items have gradually been crossed off the list, the blog remains the single nagging task that still remains. It's not like I've been busy. Mostly doing a lot of this:

But I'm ready. I'm ready to start telling you what I (and we) have been up to, things I've been learning, what's on my mind, lots of things that many of you may or may not even care about. I'll make it official and start on Monday, because that seems like the thing to do.


  1. Jodi, I love this picture of you two. (I like the book too!) I just finished a class about reading fluency and you are starting him out right for SUCCESS! He can be a "GEEK" just like his daddy. ;) It will be fun to read your updates.

  2. Yup. I finally started updating again too. Sunday nights have been working for me lately. We need more pictures of that little guy!