Apr 14, 2012

11 months

This comes a couple of weeks late. I didn't put the collage together before we took off to San Francisco at the beginning of this week. The little man has taken a giant leap forward and went from not moving around much to getting around all over the place! He started crawling not even two weeks ago, and within the last week he has figured out how to go anywhere he wants, sit up on his own, stand up in his crib, and find his way to the guitar and every other untouchable item. Bring on the bumps on bruises!


  1. So big. I love him.

    And yes, bumps and bruises. This week Eli was wildly dancing and smacked his cheek against a door jam. This followed the eye first face plant on the playground. And later he did something with the shopping cart that left a v shaped mark in between his eyes. Bruising is an art form.


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