Dec 3, 2012

A month (or maybe more...) of Relationships

Long time no blogging. Boo. I am more boring these days.

Here are the new goals I have been working on for my Happiness Project. Some of these I am really terrible at, and some in general I could just do better. In regard to my relationships and interactions with others:
  • No gossiping
  • Listen, ask questions, and stop talking (I'm great at answering people's questions about my life, but I too often neglect to ask in return about theirs, which I've discovered leaves me knowing far less about some friends and family members than I should)
  • Don't be critical of people, cut them some slack
  • No complaining
  • Be giving, be generous (as we are slowly working our way out of being poorish students, I am trying to get into the mindset of not being a "tight wad")
  • Don't get on my soapbox- most people don't want to hear it
  • Send birthday cards (or make some effort towards a sincere & personal birthday acknowledgment)

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