Sep 18, 2013

The blog is actually getting some attention

Friends, I don't even know how to blog anymore... I think that's how I feel! My time feels so consumed these days. I do manage to post weekly on our private family blog for my parents  to see while they are on their mission, and really that just consists of tons of pictures and few words. Occasionally I manage to catch up and throw a bunch of pictures on facebook because it seems like most people I know will see them there. And then there's instagram. You want to know why I like it so much? I take a picture, I hit the instagram icon, do this and that, and in 10 seconds everyone can see it. No downloading, uploading, resizing blah blah blah. I barely even crack open my computer lately. So that is how I still manage to share photos daily of my ever growing children. And I capture moments I would never get otherwise- like early in the morning when we're all laying in bed and my babies are asleep next to me, no way am I getting out of bed to get my camera. And therefore, the blog gets neglected. It's so great, because most times sometimes I just have nothing worthwhile to say, but I do have great images of my life to share. I do still get out my big camera at times when it really just is the proper tool.

But, for those of you who have been waiting and wondering if we would ever post again (anyone? anyone??) who don't already see everything elsewhere, here is a cheater post I stole from my family blog:

Here are some of the latest of Atticus and our smiley girl...

German family visits- brings Atticus awesome lederhosen. We love them.


  1. Yay! I'm happy!

    Man she looks like Atticus... and Atticus' hair? I can't wait to pet that duck fluff this weekend. Eli is super excited. (Just to play. I don't think he has any interest in Atticus' hair.)

  2. I do miss the heyday of blogging :( But, I'll take pictures of your adorable children any way you're willing to dispense them! Seriously Jodi, they are CUUUUUUUUTE.

  3. Yeah. Thanks for posting seeing I dont even know what facebook is :) Cute kids!

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