May 19, 2010

Sofa Sleeping and Stuffy Schnoz

So I've been sleeping on the couch now for 10 nights, while Taylor has been filling himself with Indiana junk food 3 times a day- well I suppose I haven't been much better, living off of chicken nuggets and condiments as I try to empty out my fridge. Anyway, I feel more snuggled in on the couch than a big empty bed- which is also covered in things that need to be boxed. Having no computer for a week was very...refreshing. I still found ways to check my email a couple of times, but I learned to live without it and suppress the need to use it every spare minute I had. There are such better ways to use the time.

I read, a lot. I read
Eat, Pray, Love, and would fall asleep to reading it every night, intentionally. It was a nice way to be put out (On a side note, don't you agree that one of the best things is to be able to just sleep in the moment you want it most desperately? Think about it- if you fall asleep on the couch you still have to get up and get ready for bed, if you are falling asleep in school or church or at work you have to fight it. I intentionally put myself in a position where I could continue staying up and doing something I wanted, and then when I wanted to sleep, I could. It was so satisfying.) So back to the book, I decided 3 things from it: 1-I must find this pizza shop in Naples 2-I should learn to meditate, at least in the sense of learning to clear my thoughts and create time to listen for personal revelation, and 3- I think I should visit Bali someday.

I awoke this morning to a stuffy nose and sore throat, and wanted to scratch my eyes out. The last thing I need right now is to be sick. Let's all just hope the Chinese won't quarantine me.

I'm going to go sleep on my couch.


  1. SLEEP. Yes, I totally get you!

  2. I loved sleeping on couches. Plus, if you have to sleep alone the couch feels kind of protective.