Oct 30, 2007

crazy Isla Vista

(I had to split the previous post up into 2 smaller ones so it would load without hiding pictures.)

The place gets so crazy that they actually let all the actual residents move their cars into parking terraces at the university because so many cars are vandalized. A favorite thing to do of every drunk is to pedal their bikes down the road and kick off the side view mirror of any car foolish enough to not turn them in. Unfortunately this happens all year round and not just on Halloween. At any given time you can drive through I.V. and see about one third of the cars with their side-view mirrors turned in to avoid the vandalism. Jodi and I took these pictures when we drove around the other day, notice the broken bottom two. On lots of cars you'll see the mirror duct-taped back on.

I guess it comes with the territory though. I mean when you go to a school that Playboy ranks 2nd in the nation when it comes to party schools that what you get. The Princeton review actually ranked us 8th or something this year and people were infuriated! I mean last year when the UCSB Men's Soccer team won their last game to take 1st in the Nation they ripped out the goalposts, paraded them through I.V. and then threw them into the ocean. That's right. They threw the goalposts off the 30 or 40 foot cliff into the ocean. If that doesn't get you number 1 party school then what will? watch the video here.

We also carved some pumpkins and watched Arsenic and Old Lace with friends. Jodi's masterpiece was phenomenal and totally creative as usual. Mine turned out ok as well (it's the batman one above)

Here's a picture of Jodi's from last year. She's amazing.

Did I mention how much I love Jodi's camera? It takes the most phenomenal pictures even at night! All the ash and smoke in the air from the fires have made for spooky-scary skies lately.

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  1. Nice spooky-scary reference. Good luck tonight...watch out for real werewolves.

    P.S. Jodi's pumpking was awesome!