Oct 17, 2007

A New Job

After much searching, I was able to find a job to keep myself busy while Taylor is at school. It is with an After School Program for girls called Girls Inc. Their theme is "Inspiring All Girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold"...I've never been the ultra feminist type, but I think it will be super fun and a good opportunity to be an example to young girls. I will be teaching 4 classes: Media Literacy (one for ages 9-11 and another for 6-8) learning about the media and ways that it often distorts our perception of reality, Character Quest for the wee little ones learning about being respectful, trustworthy, fair, etc., and a Creative Writing class. We are pretty sad that it's only 20 hours a week (for now anyway) and I don't get any benefits, but it should be a good job.

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  1. Go Jod! Release your inner feminist...it's the Sparks girls wearing off on you.