Nov 4, 2007

Another New Job?

That's right, I now have two jobs. I have been enjoying Girls Inc. very much, the girls are so much fun. We went all out on making a haunted house for the girls and our big Halloween party, they loved it! It is great to see so many different little personalities every day that just admire your very existence. I am also training to get my CDL so that I can drive to the schools to pick the girls up. On a scale of 1 to 10 I am about -5 excited for it, but they are really in need. We'll see if I even pass the test. And now, I'm crazy enough to start working just as a cashier for now at Home Depot. It should be a fun place to work and I will get discounts so we can get flowers for our back porch and lots of fun stuff. I will be working M-F 6 am to noon at home depot, and then from 1 to 6 at Girls Inc. Am I crazy to work 12 hours a day? Yes. Am I going to be totally hating my life after about one week? Most likely. But will I get part time health benefits and money to finish school as well as save up for a baby? Yes. Well, I wish myself luck on new adventures.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck. I know what you mean about working random jobs and crazy hours to save up for important things! I'll listen sometime if you have the energy to complain...