Nov 3, 2007

community fair

we woke up this fine morning and to our total surprise there was a magical community fair right in our front lawn!

Now no fair would be complete without exorbitant amounts of free pizza, slushies, raffles, kids games and of course the medieval knights dueling one another to the death in full suits of metal armor.

When the knights weren't chopping each other they were caring for their toddlers. I somehow feel less safe with them living in the same community as me.

We won lots free things like a free gym pass for Jodi, free movie tickets AND....
we even got a new "used" vacuum from the swap shop.


  1. Sweet! I thought San Francisco was the only place that people regularly dressed up in costumes and did sword or bow staff fighting in public areas...

  2. nope. they also do it right here in our front yard.

  3. You're so luck! we have a port-o-potty in our front yard... but it's been there for quite some time and it's not that exciting any more.