Nov 19, 2007

it's coming...

Dad only ever taught me to make four or five things. Ham-fried rice, bratwurst, oysters with mayo on saltines, rice with cocoa, and frequent visits to Burrito Baby's. You can't blame him for the oysters. He comes from a German Oma who still makes Oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving.
I decided to make the old man proud by whipping up some rice with cocoa-- perfect for a cold winter night. (well, as cold as santa barbara gets anyways.)
thanksgiving is this week... christmas is right around the corner! I was so excited I couldn't help myself. I put on christmas music and even put up the tree! Jodi is less than thrilled.There are strict rules about Holidays around here. I must be my mother's son though, as soon as Jodi's not looking I'm gonna decorate the house too.


  1. wretched oyster stuffing...
    makes me want to puke just thinking about the stuff....

    it's a good initiation into the family tho...i think Aaron had to eat about 4 servings of it before Oma was satisfied.

    poor guy.

  2. You come by it honestly, I decorated yesterday (much to Aaron's chagrin...I think we have the same 4 foot tall Target tree). Just to top it off I put on the German Christmas CD mom gave us last year. All I have to say is Aberheidschi Bumbeidschi Bum Bum.

    Oh and Aaron hearts Oyster stuffing.

  3. i love holidays, so live it up.

    I'm not sure if I love your moosh though....