Nov 14, 2007

Welcome Home!

We are so excited to finally have both of our soldiers back! Our brother-in-law Brandon is a navy chaplain and served for 7 months in Iraq (for the 4th time I think). He returned home in Hawaii in October, just in time for baby Josiah to arrive! This is the best picture we could get right now, considering we were not there at his arrival and have no others with us.Justin came home just this last Saturday with the marines (from his 2nd deployment to Iraq) and we were lucky enough to be there at his arrival at Camp Pendelton. It was very exciting to see him, and to see all the other happy families hugging, crying, showing new babies, etc. Taylor had his chance to make something inappropriate in welcoming him home.
Welcome home Justin and Brandon and thanks for your hard work and sacrifice! We love you both and are proud of your service to our country!

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  1. HA HA HA HA! Great pics- thanks for the update. Glad to see them all home. Don't worry Kevin got to talk to Justin and yeah, he's right there with Taylor. hint hint wink wink nudge nudge LOL