Nov 14, 2007

white pony!

So Jodi's kind aunt decided to give us a little baggie of Borax which is a toxic chemical for killing ants. As she gave it to us she told us "Now don't get pulled over or they'll probly think it's cocaine!"
So sure enough I'm hauling butt home because it's late and I'm in the middle of nowhere when all of the sudden I see the flashing red and blue lights behind me. Dang! So we pulled over and all of the sudden as the cop's walking up Jodi throws the baggie onto the car floor once she realized that it looked like cocaine. The cop was no dummy though and returned a second later with a second cop who wanted to see what was on the floor.
"ummm... borax. that's what. which we promise is not a code word for cocaine, it's just a powder used to kill ants."
So the cop decideds to sniff away at the powder to make sure that it's not cocaine. Is it safe to sniff borax powder? I don't think so.
And instead of us all having a good laugh about life and how funny it is... You know what that guy did? He gave me a speeding ticket. Man, lighten up! And I thought Jodi was too serious!

Anyways, that got me and Jodi to thinking of what we'd look like all cracked out. Here's our best attempt.

and while we're at this lemme go ahead and add pictures of our my new favorite face to pull (which jodi copies!)


  1. Careful! Your face might freeze like that! And seriously- is that a true story? Hmmmmm??