Dec 5, 2007

Bad Drivers Anonymous

My name is Taylor Sparks and I have a problem. I have accrued a total of $609.00 in traffic violation fines in about 1.5 months. The first step is admitting it. My wife may kill me in my sleep.

I'm already taking counseling. They've achieved amazing results, see video.


  1. Taylor, be like Dennis. STOP IT. but if you can't... I'm okay with that. and I say KEEP IT UP.

  2. Honestly, you are just a little too unlucky for my taste. You keep that bad luck out there in California! Maybe Jodi should suspend your vehicle privileges and make you ride a razer or those roller shoes to school.

  3. I second what Ryan and Alicia say. Good grief! LOL Yeah, razer or rollar shoes definately are the way to go... Jodi- Christmas is comming...