Dec 2, 2007

The First Advent

We had our very first advent together as a married couple! Since the advent is part of our German heritage we of course had to make a big fat delicious German meal. So I went for the jugular and made Sour Kraut Potato Casserole! This delicious pot of molten goo was epic! Different layers of sour kraut, mashed potatoes, mashed yams, onions, beefy goodness. All courtesy of Liesel's recipe. Jodi crumpled her nose and humored me by eating a little bit. Now I have a massive pot of German goodness for leftovers which ought to last until next Sunday! What will the 2nd advent bring? Roladin? Rahmschnitzel? Rotkohl, Spätzle? Gebeizt Schweine Füße? We shall see.


  1. We decided to start it off right with Rahmsnitzel and homemade Spetzle. Mmm Mmm good. I added some mushrooms to the Rahmsnitzel which was an extra nice touch that I highly recommend.

  2. I like Goo. Jody! I cant believe you would turn down GOO. Taylor i have to admit I'm a little scared of anything with "snitzel" in its name. It just sounds like sharp knives or something.