Dec 26, 2007

don't be caught in public...

with a naked upper lip.
Jodi found the most amazing white elephant gift. We actually can't bring ourselves to give it away even, we're going to have to keep it. Behold; the "Stylish Mustache Kit for Every Day of the Week."

You see, for 24 years now Mustache May has come and gone and I've not been able to join in the mustache fun. In fact, the closest I get to a mustache is actually much more like a cactus; hence the name "Cactus-stache" A few random hairs just sorta bristle straight out.
No longer though!!
presenting for your enjoyment:

----- the sheriff------------------------------- the bruiser-----------

-------the hollywood--------------------------the grandpa--------

-----------the square-------------------------the weasel--------

-----the sheriff (part 2)-----------------------the hero--------------

Things will never be the same again.

1 comment:

  1. jodi's "bruiser" face is actually quite frightening...