Dec 18, 2007


Take THAT technology!!!
That's right! You're no match for hour upon wasted hour of my precious time!
I've officially finished making my webpage which my adviser asked us to make for our research group website. What I thought would be a pleasant hour or two turned into a horrifically difficult job which absorbed one and one half days of my life. But now the beast has been slain and I have a SWEET webpage. Please, indulge me, go and look at it. If you see any broken links or mistakes please let me know about them too!

You can find it by clicking HERE...

or dragging this line into your address bar...


  1. It looks pretty sweet so far! Nice job!

  2. "I love technology..."

  3. Way to go Taylor! You'd be amazed at how many design students, who will soon depend on their web skills to put food on the table, that couldn't hold a candle to your site.

    keep it up.