Jan 23, 2008

Go Mitt Go!!!!

I have quite the political streak in me... I'm not too shy about it either. Mitt Romney is great, here are the 5 top reasons I like Mitt:
1- He turned around the Olympics. I remember when I was working for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics as a Spanish Translator. Everything was scandal-ridden and on the brink of bankruptcy. Then he came and fixed everything. I think he can do it again for our country.
2- He knows business back and forth and has real life experience other than just being an elected official. If you keep the economy in good shape the people can fix many of their problems for themselves thus reducing the need for as much government intervention.
3- He exemplifies and shares my views on family values. Say what you want, but how a person is able to live their own life means a lot about who they are.
4- He got a state-wide Health Care plan together even while being an unpopular Republican Governor in a very Democratic State like Massachusetts. Even more amazing is that he did so with absolutely NO NEW TAXES.
5- He sees abortion and Islamic fascism for the evil they are.

I really hope he gets the nomination. So help me if it comes down to either voting for Jon "Wouldn't-know-conservative-if-it-slapped-him-in-the-mouth" McCain or Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife... I just don't know... I'll have to go throw myself off the cliff into the ocean or something.
Here's a really funny video. His son pulls a sweet prank on him using Governor Schwarzenegger's voice clips


  1. What's up, no one else diggin with Romney wants to comment? It seems like people are already writing him off since Florida. He barely lost Florida, and has strength in lots of other states. Hopefully people will pull thier heads out of the ground by Super Tuesday, and vote for him.

  2. seriously! I wonder what people would do if there were no polls to make up their minds for them! It makes me crazy!

    I don't know if he's really got a shot though, with Huckabee splitting the conservative vote Mccain will get all moderates and independants.... and send us into the stone age with his unbelievably horrible policies.

  3. I get mad because it seems like Huckabee is intentionally staying in soley to draw votes away from Romney. What is up with that? Why has everyone jumped on the bandwagon with Mccain? My main problem with Mccain is that when he speaks, he doesn't inspire. How is a president going to change anything if he cannot inspire? Romney inspires, it is clear he would get things done.

    Answer me this question. How is Hilary doing so well? I couldn't believe New York elected her as a Senator! Now she's leading contender? I've heared Obama, he's the only other guy who inspires when he speaks. This is all going pear shape.

    Romney has one more chance, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Dude that's the worst part. I don't know if Mccain has promised Huckabee a VP or some other future position but seriously...
    If Huckabee really stood for the principles he claims he does he would GET OUT and let the other conservative candidate have a chance.

    As for Hillary... I don't know. Honestly, other than bashing on Bush (who won't be on the ballot) and being a woman her policies are not any better than Obama's. To be totally truthful, I don't know if I wouldn't prefer her over Mccain though. That guy is a career politician and he's so sleezy it kills me. He's outright lying to win. I love that Romney is standing on his principles even if it means he won't win.