Jan 23, 2008

zoo, family, and the 2nd Deluvian Era

Michelle and Aaron came all the way from San Francisco to visit us this week! We LOVE visits from family. They got here just in time too. It was unreasonably warm the Saturday they arrived. We were playing ultimate frisbee at "Magnificent Magnusson's" birthday party. We decided a trip to the infamous Santa Barbara Zoo was in order. It was marvelous. Our favorite animals were the chinese aligator(who was so busy getting a good education and stealing our engineering and science jobs that he wasn't actually even there), the black footed cat(who we decided is actually just a regular house cat that they spray painted it's feet and put in a cage.) and the crooked necked giraffe(who died last year)... ya so pretty much it wasn't the coolest zoo because our top three favorite animals were either dead, invisible or domestic house cats.
It was a good time though and making fun of the animals with baby Aaron was terribly fun. We then decided to watch an awesome movie. My best friend Andy has endorsed the movie Hot Rod multiple times so we decided to give it a go. In fact, to get ourselves in the Hot Rod mood, Baby Aaron and I rode the mighty Rebel all the way to Blockbuster together. Baby Aaron is trying to scowl, but it turns out it's hard to portray any emotion other than apathy behind a full helmet.Way awesome. One of the best movies I've seen in a good while because it contained all the vital elements needed to make an awesome movie: 1. Mustaches
2. People on Fire
3. Wussy Street Motorcycles
4. Punch Dances
5. Fighting Old People How could it go wrong?
We checked out Downtown Santa Barbara and bought some Tim Tams (perfect for Tim Tam Slams! Coming to a Thursday Night hang out near you!) And of course we took them to the beautiful beach (Alicia: If you're reading this, you should know Jodi took this next picture for the singular purpose of luring you out here to visit us.)We found a mega-big star fish. This thing could have sucked my face clean off so I didn't let him try like last week.
And no trip would be complete without going to our favorite hidden rope swing.
This picture was supposed to be me hitting Baby Aaron with an Ultimate Punch.
And as soon as Michelle and Aaron left we got nailed with the biggest storm yet. I'm starting to wonder if that whole "promise to never flood the world again" thing doesn't apply to wicked Isla Vista... because it's raining like crazy! Look at our front and back yard! They're becoming lakes!


  1. That’s bizarre. We went to the zoo with Brandon last weekend. We figured the Chinese alligator was munching on some Lemurs and that’s what all the commotion was about.

  2. you guys are fun. i need to get a crew together and come visit.

  3. Love it. You've been holding out on us--I want to try that cool looking rope swing. You guys look fun, we should hang out.

  4. Hey guys! It looks like you are having so much fun out there. We did get your Christmas card, and we were pumped. We are new to this blogging thing and enjoy keeping in touch with great friends, and seeing what they're up to. Hope school is kicking your butt, it wouldn't be worth is if it wasn't. England has been such a unique experience. We 've been a bit homesick though, espicially with Everett. But, we have an awesome ward that has made life easier. How is the ward there? Are there any other LDS families on campus? Well, keep in touch!