Jan 13, 2008

I wish I wish I hadn't squished that fish...

... or rather, that sea anemone, to be more precise since it's not actually a fish. You see, it all started out with this ridiculously good weather we've been having. Yesterday and today has been so nice that we can't even compute it. I mean it's January and it's like a perfect balmy 78 degrees outside. We were so thrilled we decided to go for a motorcycle ride and explore more of the city. We discovered a new favorite beach, it's called Arroyo Burro Beach (known to people here as Hendry's Beach)It has a lot of dogs there. We then went and had a picnic in a beautiful park overlooking the ocean and fell asleep. That's right. We fell asleep in a park like hobos. It was wonderful.Anyways, back to the squished anemone story, we were so enjoying the fabulous weather this weekend that after church today we went to the beach with our friends the Jeepsons and the Magnusons. We were enjoying the tide pools and poking the anemone and watching them try and close around our fingers when Janae poked one with her foot. Not to be outdone I slopped my foot onto a big one and wiggled it around alot letting the anemone grab on good and pump his evil toxins into my foot. I then promplty put my foot in my chaco and ignored the fact that it was slightly starting to tingle. Meanwhile we found a sweet starfish and I decided it'd be a great idea to stick it to my face because it looked dead and, Hey, dead starfish face makes for a good picture. Well, little did I know that starfish was only playing dead and when I went to take him off he'd STUCK TO MY FACE! He had like 5 or 6 little stickers stuck in my cheek that sort of pinched when I pulled him off! The ocean is dangerous! It's not bad enough that there are huge great white sharks, killer whales, giant squids, barracudas and freaky eels... but even the friendly looking creatures like sea anemones and starfish are dangerous! By the time we got home my left foot was swollen up and itched like crazy from the anemone. I guess it's only fair payback for all the anemone I poked just to watch how they squirted water.one last picture of the awesome beach by our house.


  1. Alright, game is over! We are coming out there! That is too beautiful to pass up. Man, you think you would have learned from my mistake when I stuck that nasty snail to my face and after prying it from my cheek, I threw it down mom's shirt. Do us sparks ever think before we act? Or are we always after the sheer pleasure of deviance?

  2. Fooled by a star fish! I hear that happens more often than not, but most don't stick them to their face. It made for a nice photo though.

  3. Why do you have to abuse the wildlife? Maybe it's a boy thing, Aaron has to touch and pick up (and try to keep) any type of living creature he finds too. WE can't wait to come explore with you this weekend. Just hang on to that weather eh?