Feb 24, 2008

Travelers are We

We took advantage of the holiday weekend (a week old story, I know) and journeyed up north to visit Taylor's sister in San Francisco. This is our fourth visit to the city, and it has become one of our favorites places. We are feeling less like tourists and more like regulars. Our friends, the Jeppesens, had not been so we were more than happy to have them join us and show them the best of San Fran. We had a fabulous time exploring the city, people watching, staying up late, and my personal favorite of this trip...delicious food. We went out to eat a lot at some pretty fantastic places that I give 2 thumbs up: The Cheese Steak Shop, La Boulange, House of Nan King in Chinatown, and the Dipsea Cafe in Sausalito. Yummm. We will miss having someone in the city to go and visit. Thanks Michelle and Aaron for showing us such a great time, every time.

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  1. You two better REALLY enjoy all this "get up and go" while you have it. I know you REALLY want to come stay with our kidlets while we "get up and go" later this year. REALLY, REALLY want to.