Feb 23, 2008

top 10 things a scoutmaster does not...

...want to hear from the scouts on the overnight campout:

1) We didn't think we were going because it rained earlier.
2) Weren't you bringing dinner for us?
3) How come the bridge part of the road is also underwater? Are we driving through that?
4) This tent doesn't have any poles with it.
5) I brought 14 ramens.
6) Who brought the newspaper, wood and matches to get a fire going?
7) Why is the water coming out of this spicket white?
8) Didn't you bring plates, pots, and silverware? This stove doesn't work.
9) Who farted?
10) We used all the outhouse toilet paper starting the fire.

First overnighter was a success I suppose. I got to tell my scary night poem, which they loved. I particularly was happy when I got stuck in the tent which is just about big enough for a hobbit, it was the fetal position for me all night, because I couldn't come close to stretching my legs past bent knees. I really think it might have been one of those barbie tents we end up letting the lala or white mow live in.
Check out these pancakes the scouts made. I've never been so happy that I brought my own food in my entire life.

And in case you thought I was kidding about the river, behold. If you drove off the bridge (which you couldn't see and it had a turn somewhere on it) it would mean falling into 4-6 deep water and killing a van full of scouts.


  1. That brought back alot of funny scouting memories for me. We harassed our scoutmaster so bad one could've probably considered it abuse. Scouting is so much fun though, thye're lucky to have you with them.

  2. Oh you're so perfect for that calling.

  3. Kevin said his pancakes at the Klondike looked exactly the same. LOL! Loved the Sexy Stache song! Have to admit that I did NOT know what Stache was until I listened to the song.