Feb 21, 2008

sexy stache

I hate to admit it... but those BYU weirdos came up with something pretty dang funny this time.
enjoy the latest in funny videos I'm watching. If you don't hear anything that's ok, you will at exactly 37 seconds into it. I may or may not really want a sexy stache this year for Mustache May


  1. This is excellent! I guess there are a few good things to come out of that school.

  2. Whahahaha ahahahahahahahahhahah!!
    Bravo indeed! Two words.....Eclesiastical Endorsement! Damn those clever cougars. You know the U could never come up with something that funny yet clean. Nice find.

  3. If one thing could tear Andrew away from his papers... it's Divine Comedy. Thanks for helping him be a real boy!

  4. Loved it, had to take it with me. =)