Mar 21, 2008

easter eggs and...

i don't know what it is about a Cyclops beast with blood dripping out of it's mouth or a creepy jack- o -lantern that makes me think of Easter ... but you get what you get with the Sparks family. And without further adieu, here are the beauties.

Cyclops beast.

But wait, from behind he's even funnier because he's mostly bald on top with a sweet scientist comb-over.

Here's the jack-o-lantern beast.

Jodi made a very chic spotted egg.

and this weird thing.

for those who didn't believe Andy's somewhat graphic story about National Camp School in South Dakota... here are a few of the pictures which serve as evidence of that fateful day.

Chemical burn.

Note the crude harness he fashioned for himself.
"Swirling Vortex", Michelle, that one's just for you.

We of course went swimming when we weren't supposed to while we were there as well.


  1. All day long I just kept thinking "swirling vortex" and chuckling to myself like a crazy person...

  2. nothing says happy easter better than an egg dressed up like a pumpkin. Thank you very much. The Day family knows how to appreciate that.

  3. Rad Ideas for East Eggs! I didn't get time to make any this year =( Anna made some... sadness. Hopefully next year.