Mar 15, 2008

mega swells

For those who didn't hear a couple weekends ago (Feb 24th) all of Southern California got absolutely nailed with huge swells. Particularly Santa Barbara got it bad. The buoy registered swells of 16-24 feet with a few up to 28 feet!

That's monsterous! The swell came so suddenly and so high that it actually swept people off the pier downtown at the Santa Barbara wharf and into the ocean! Surfers and bystanders alike had to be rescued by the Coast Guard! A few brave surfers actually surfed the humongous waves but most just stood on watching in terror.

Photos are from Tom Poss, whose website is here and Jon Shafer, whose website is here.


  1. Found your blog by clicking "next blog", saying hello. Wow, that is absolutely amazing and scary!

  2. Um yeah, that pretty much makes the wave you rode look like just bubble bath...