Apr 20, 2008


I love being in scouts. There's something awesome about just packing up a sleeping bag some food and jumping in the car to go find adventure. We were definitely running late so we just threw our junk together last minute and off we went. We headed up to Upper Oso again, a place that's fast becoming our favorite for a quick overnighter. This time I was able to bring my guitar (since last time I was on motorcycle... that didn't work so well). We all cooked our tin foil dinners and welcomed Tyler into the troop. This was his first campout and he had a blast. Seeing him there with his little Swiss Army Knife and Scout Mess Kit i was time warped back 14 years ago when I went on my first overnighter. What a great thing scouts does for kids!

The kids found a big fat frog which they insisted on showing me. And the scouts definitely DID NOT love the "happy present from the earth" Wasabi Peas from Japan-town, but Danny DeMartini, another scoutmaster, sure did.

After eating a dinner filled with ashes and bugs (this always happens, no matter what precautions are taken when boiling the water) we finally all settled down and I played a few songs for em and then... told the fast becoming famous Night Poem for the 11 yr olds who hadn't heard it yet. And then the main event: The Little Green Man! my favorite of all stories.

Delose, the master story teller from Camp Loll where Jodi and I both worked, fell in love, got engaged always tells this story. I did my best to imitate the master. It went so well! I scared the crap out of Christian when I got to the part where he finds him sitting at the desk hunched over the phone. Good times!

Here's a photo of the one scout who didn't make it. He's a surfer and only wants to go if we do an overnighter at a beach. So i think that next time we'll go camping at Jalama! It will be totally awesome!

I then had to go to the camporee for the rest of the day even though our troop wasn't there. They gave us these creepy trucker hats. Seriously. Heavy D must have like 10 hats like this back at home and I always wondered where in the world they came from.


  1. Wow, you look just like Dad in that last picture...must be the hat (or the fact that you look just like dad anyways - who knows?)

  2. No....he looks like dad because of the crooked smile.