Apr 17, 2008


the compy's had it after many a faithful year of service. we have been using it in it's crippled state since *the accident* for a while but it was finally time. so we upgraded to a laptop.

ALSO, my awesome sister michelle remembered my birthday and got me sweet goodies from Japantown in San Francisco. Here they are. Take note of the Pocky for men and the Cream Collon, which turns out to be the only way I like a collon. And also the beatle. Inside is a lifesize beatle and a fizzy candy pellet with "fermented milk powder" as an ingredient. So you ask, hey, are those pipin hot wasabi roasted peas any good? I don't know yet, they claim to be a "happy present from the earth" so I'm going to try them out on my scouts on the camp out this weekend. We'll see what wild 12 year olds think of wasabi peas.


  1. the strawberry pocky are my favorite...but i dont think you can eat those...its too girly of a flavor, and if you liked them, it would mean you are gay.

    crazy japanese....

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  3. umm... I really look forward to hearing about the "accident".