May 19, 2008


that's right. calling all judges! We held the first annual "San-Francisco-Sparks-Family-Bed-Jump-Olympics" (props to michelle for being our awesome photographer)
We picked a category and each jumper had to best exemplify it with a bed jump. Cast your votes for each category and the "Best in Show"!

NOTE:(blue-gray shorts with jeans=baby aaron
khaki plaid shorts green shirt =me
green shorts, grey shorts, 17 feet tall=hercules
hot pink muscle-T, black shorts=heavy-D)

category #1: The SleeperCategory #2: Superhero
Category #3: The Golfer
Category #4: Dead
Category #5: The Cowboy
Category #6: Big AirCategory #7: Specialty Jumps
#1 - The Indian
#2 - The Salesman
#3 - The Gentleman
#4 - Air Guitar
#5 - Big Serene Dude
#6 - The Kiddie Candid
#7 - The Gentleman Strikes Back!
#8 - The People's Elbow
#9 - The Torpedo

(PS many many more pictures of the wildest marathon ever are coming soon!!!)


  1. I'm a pretty big fan of The Indian and the Super Hero. Yes, I do have a blog. oh the good times. P.S. you look like you actually could have died in the dead one.

  2. Well, lets brake it down by categories:
    Sleeper: I can't seem to decide between yours and the pink shirt guy. You both actually look as if you were just sleeping along and suddenly started floating away.
    Superhero: my vote goes to the bottom left guy. he's all blurred out, flying at super speeds. I don't believe in beauty shots of superheros. Real superheros just don't let that kind of stuff happen. Taylor, I would have voted for yours but the tung and the guy in the background that is trying to steel your thunder by coming out of the closet, threw me off.
    Golf: Taylor, I think this would have worked better for the superhero. it's pretty original/captain america style.. my Golf vote goes to the bottom right. he's got a mad swing but it probably shanked to the right. Good luck finding that in the water hazard.
    Dead: Taylor, hands down you got my vote on this one. I'm almost starting to wonder if this one actually killed you.
    Cowboy: Bottom left. Not only did he flank the bull, he's smacking it on the ace as well. Way to cowboy up there Lane!
    Big Air: Taylor, I think I'll give this one to you as well and you have your petite figure to thank for this vote. Honorable mention goes to the bottom left.

  3. I have never been so excited to not work at work. My votes are as follows:

    The Sleeper: Winner: Heavy Von Dizzy! He looks serene I believe he is levitating over the bed. Aaron looks like a fairy princess and you look like you are being birthed. Yuck

    The Superhero: Tough choice. D’s presence is very commanding but you have the facial expression and creativity. Taylor gets the super hero point. However, Hercules gets mongo honorable mention for the great height that he achieved. Wow.

    The Golfer: Point for Aaron. Good form. Taylor gets creativity though.

    Dead: Taylor is a clear winner, may he rest in peace.

    Cowboy: Aaron and Herc both win. But if I must choose….Aaron.

    Big Air: Herc, not your best. I’ve seen bigger in Superman alone. Aaron has an excellent “I might land on that boot but I can’t stop now” look on his face. But Taylor, you win. It’s the highest a little guy like you can jump but you’ve got “big air” written all over your face.

    As for the best in show I can’t believe you did not deliver a “What she really wants for Christmas”. You’ve changed. The point goes to #7 but not without serious consideration of #2, #5 and #9.

    Bravo gentleman. Bravo.

  4. My vote must go to michelle (for her mad picture taking skills obviously) but mostly for being able to control her bladder and NOT pee her pants watching you guys....

    or wait...did she????

  5. Sleeper: Hercules
    Superhero: Taylor
    Golf: Hercules
    Dead: Taylor
    Cowboy: Heavy-D
    Big Air: Baby Aaron

    Great show all round. Definitely hard to choose. Congratulations to all who participated.... =]