May 22, 2008

it's been one year today...

since dad passed away. we've definitely not forgotten him, in fact we paid homage to his memory by uniting all of us in San Francisco and running the Bay to Breakers this weekend. We even got shirts (which we promptly turned into muscle T's) with his picture on the front and our favorite quote from him on the back.

Here's a few of the highlights:

Dad welcomed everyone to America if they had any accent at all. And sometimes even if they didn't. Dad: "Where's that accent from?" taxi driver:"New Jersey" Dad: "Welcome to America!"

It's no secret that dad did his fair share of drugs growing up, so there's no way we could have used them and had him not know. the old man loved to threaten all of ali and chelle's boyfriends with his shotgun, hence "how fast can you run boy?" this phrase took on a different meaning in the rainbow city.

Dad loved to protect ali as you can see. And he was born with no shame, he once explained to BJ, who was dating my very tall cousin, the benefits of dating a taller woman.... "brr-imsky!" wow. zero shame.

Heavy D's shirt also took on an unintended meaning in San Fran. Jodi's shirt in the group picture says jailbait, because that's what he first called her on the day he met her.

i like to call this one "A Scholar and a Gentleman." Here are the girls getting ready to run!

There were tortillas EVERYWHERE! They were flying around like mosquitoes! You could get nailed with one at any time. We'd all take turns chucking them at people packed all around us. I nailed a reporter right in the head while she was on camera! Notice the cool front side of dad's shirt!

For some reason heavy-D figured he'd blur himself in this picture. Me and Ry-guy getting our practice jumps in.

Ryan put on his best running jorts. Alicia had to give the stink eye to every gay guy she saw checking him out.

More practice jumps.

This race was absolutely insane. It makes Isla Vista during halloween look so tame! Here are of the best costumes, floats, beer bongs, naked people and protesters we saw.

pirate themed group. and the olympic torch group.

elvises and the bay bridge

the salmons running the wrong way down the big hill (they do it every year). And the viking floats were popular this year.

Cry to God protesters. Naked people (there were LOTS of them)

more vikings... and some weird 8 foot tall thing...

There were bands all along the way too!

and of course, since Dad loved baseball, we checked out a Giants game at AT&T stadium... too bad they got pummeled by the white sox.

We sure love you Dad. We still remember you.


  1. That is the coolest thing. Props and <3

  2. its crazy to think that 1. it's already been a year and 2. Herc and HeavyD didnt get raped.