Jun 19, 2008

Not only do I enjoy lying to children...

but I also like lying to our office secretary. Here's how the conversation went.
Vicky, the secretary, walks in holding the name plack from the office door
Vicky: "Vincent Kispersky? You're not Vincent Kispersky. Time to update your plack. Is just Taylor Sparks OK?"
Taylor: "What else would I put?" (somewhat confused)
Vicky: "Well, I wondered if you had a middle initial or middle name you wanted."
Taylor: "Oh ya, middle name Awesome." (totally dead serious face and voice)
Vicky: "Awesome?" (incredulously)
Taylor: "Ya, I was named after my great grandfather: Awesome Sparks" (I too said this totally seriously)
Vicky: "Oh, OK"
and then she walked out of the room. i figured she knew I was joking. Later that day I return to my office to find
I about died laughing. Apparently she'd thought I was serious!What's even better is that my office is right next to my advisor's office! Wow, that's funny. I had to take a picture. And since I had my camera out I figured I'd document my office complete with mystical jewels and gemstones...
17 coffee/tea mugs
and this baby.
What you see is an honest to goodness crystal ball. That's right. An all-knowing, all-powerful wizard orb just hanging out next to the rest of the normal office things.

On another note: I SURVIVED! It's official! I survived the "stamping process" which all first year grad students must endure. This stamping is where they subject you to their core courses and give you the stamp of approval in mandatory knowledge levels for UCSB standards. I got the grades necessary to stick around! I no longer have to worry about being weeded-out or cut from the department unless I do something remarkably bad like botch my preliminary or qualifying exams! It gets much easier from now on. One more year of classes mixed with research and then it's just me and the dusty old ceramics lab til the end! Wahoo!!


  1. Taylor- you. are. HILARIOUS! Good grief! That poor woman is going to either be so annoyed if she ever finds out the truth- or so EMBARASSED because she believed you! You are so terrible.

  2. That is AWESOME! So, funny! We are still laughing! We miss you guys! Hurry up with that school stuff and come home.

  3. YAY for you! By the by I want to shake that matt fellows hand. His desk brings me more joy and laughter than most things. Great Post Taylor Awesome Sparks!

  4. that is hilarious that she thought you were serious!!!

  5. Hahahaha, You better not get that changed, or tell anyone it's not the truth. Hahahaha ROFLOL.

    Good work