Jun 27, 2008

less is more.

Behold the beauty of simplicity.I never thought I'd ever love anything that came out of France... but here I am with a Peugeot track bike. A super bike guru in my research group sold it to me for a great deal. It's gonna be the death of me. It has a fixed gear so anytime the wheel is turning, the pedals are too. You stop by pedaling backwards. I do have one front brake just in case I wuss out though.
No more coasting or standing up to jump over a bump, no sir. That'll buck you right off. Plus, since the pedals are always turning you can't take too sharp of turns or your downstroke will hit the ground and prop up your back tire sending you for a surprise!
It's a beauty though and I can't stay off it!


  1. oh yes, most every guy I know up here wants one of those bikes. Bikes are beautiful things

  2. mmm I have bicycles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think you need to be a true hipster and take off the front brake and put some sort of card in the back spokes, so that other hipsters can see you skid. Then you can brag about how many tires you've skidded through. Good luck. It looks nice!