Jun 29, 2008

One of the Few

I had a moment today. I was thinking about how many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints there are in the world...not many in comparison to the whole. But I'm one of them. It's probably one of the most significant blessings in my life that I often overlook. It's amazing that of all the life styles I could have been born into, I was sent to this one. It's the same with any of you out there who are members as well. It was then that I realized the incredible obligation to share what I have. We all do a little here and a little there, we try to be good examples and show people that we really aren't so wierd. But I mean really share it. The world out there is intense, and I'm often afraid to be criticized and hated. But what is there to lose? There is only everything to be gained by those we share with. It's time to step up to the plate. I commend those of you, and there are a lot, who are already amazing and good at this (like my incredible husband). I don't want to go out and preach, especially to all the good people out there, but I have something so beyond amazing that needs to be shared to everyone and I want more than anything for them to have it and to feel what I have felt. I have the good word. I know a lot of people have started this, but I also want to do as Elder Ballard has asked and talk more about the church here on the blog...you never know when it might benefit some passerby. Maybe I'm the only one who needs this, but if anyone feels the same that's even better. So join with me, and let's do this thing.


  1. Well said, Jodi. And I agree 1,000,000%. (That's not really possible, but I was trying to show how supportive I was of it.) I'll look forward to future posts.


  2. I agree completely. When we were in England we ran into alot of people who had never even heard of our church, and for me, I really liked that because I wasn't nervous talking to them about it. I think we definatly need to share it more often because when we get to heaven the people around us that we knew on earth but never shared the gospel with are going to say "why? Why didn't you share that with me?" I really don't want to be asked that question and I think we really do have nothing to lose. We tell everyone about the best Sale going on but we don't tell them about the true church and how to return to our heavenly father. Which is more important?...mmm.. Sorry this is a way long comment. :)

  3. Can I just give a big DITTO to this post?! Seriously, that is completely sonderful Jodi! it's werd that even here in Utah, I have the same worries about tip toeing around people and frankly it's all a bunch of bologna. We have been blessed with something so wonderful! Why keep it to ourselves?