Jul 4, 2008

Mind the Gap

Not the gap in London. The Santa Barbara GAP fire. It's just getting worse everyday, and moving down the mountain towards the people. Here is a picture taken outside our apartment on Wednesday evening around 6:30. At least there is a hint of blue sky in the distance.
Here you can kind of see the flames, they are still a ways off.And here is a picture taken on Thursday at about the same time.
The sky has turned an ominous shade of red.
And is that snow I see? Snow in Santa Barbara?
Certainly not, don't be ridiculous. It is a nice and peaceful ash fall.
If I look to the north, I see some hopeful and happy skies.
But if I turn to the south, it isn't so promising.
And look! It is making it's way down the mountain.
Much closer than before. I friendly wall of 30 ft. flames...
at least they were at one point anyway.
Don't worry yet, we're still stickin around. But it is a little disconcerting that the Governor has declared a state of emergency in SB county and that we are currently the state's top priority.


  1. Wow! Hope you guys stay safe. Fires like that can take a turn for the worse in a very short amount of time. At least you have the Governator looking out for you! From what I've seen, he's really good at saving people.

  2. Cuidate mi hermano querido! No queiro que tu estas quemado!

  3. Kinda intense with those fires so close. Keep your bags packed. Oma and Opa had to evacuate one time in California. The fire spread very fast. Take care.

  4. Don't get burned up, you guys are our favorite! Man, that is so crazy, seriously so scary. Keep us updated we miss you guys.