Jul 27, 2008

good ol' hillbilly time!

Our stake celebrated pioneer day this weekend. ( a few days late, but what can you do? It's not Utah)

There was pinewood derby races, tri-tip, stick-pull games, hands-up-stands-up, a glorious bob-barr-08-mustache by yours truly, 700 pounds of baked beans, 97 pairs of shorts ruined by lava hot spills of said beans, good friends, 42 different cobbler varieties, unexpected kisses, and best of all?

The swimmin hole. That's right, in keeping with pioneer spirit we decided to have a good ol' hillbilly time by checking out the swimming hole. We hadn't planned on going, so we only had our shorts to wear instead of trunks. But that's never stopped us before! Peer pressure is a beautiful thing.
The water was perfect! It was a dang hoot!

We were having such a good time that even Janae jumped in a long white skirt! She floated like a dead person from what lies beneath a time or two!

We did YMCA and pretended to be swamp monsters

There were truffle-shuffles and mohawks and even the occasional swamp-stache (which I dare say makes me look rather distinguished, like a civil war re-enactment guy who I will name Claude Beaumont)

Now if you saw the previous post on the bed jump olympics you're probly asking "Were there specialty jumps?" Well you betcha. Here are Seth's.... "Triumphant General", "Emperor Augustus",(moment to explain: he's getting his PhD in Classics) "Jazz Hands" and a mysterious fourth jump that I don't remember so I'll rename it "Spider Monkey Attacks Tourist."

Mighty Magnüsson threw out "Hercules take 3", "Pizazz", "Diving for Rebar", "Mexican Hat Dance" and "The Irish Jig"

Here I am with "El Jefe", "Wild West Heel-clicker", "The Peoples Elbow"

and my personal favorite: Swan Le'Magnifique (from 3 angles apparently!)

Come visit us before we leave in December and we'll show you how much fun the swimmin hole is! (hint hint alicia & ryan, heavy-D, Justin & Lauren, everyone else!)


  1. Wow! You guys are going so far away! We will try to come visit you! Love you guys!

  2. First off that is some sick facial hair. And secondly you should have been a dancer I mean look at those sweet moves as you go into the water

  3. Looks like good times at the ole swimming hole.