Jul 21, 2008

the unthinkable has happened...

here's the list of the worst possible things that could happen to a graduate student:
#1- your advisor falsifies data or otherwise gets caught committing academic dishonesty of some sort thus killing his career and simultaneously tainting the career of anyone who works with him,

#2- Your advisor actually dies.

#3- Your advisor drops you (cuts your funding).

#4- Your advisor decides that after an incredibly successful 25 year career at UCSB he is going to accept a faculty position, along with his wife, at Harvard University on Jan 1st. This leads to two choices:
a) start over here at UCSB with a new faculty member.
b)Estimate Driving Time: 46.0 hours 26 minutes Estimated Distance: 3033.03 miles

guess which one of these four calamities happened to me this weekend?
keep us in your prayers as we make this nightmarish decision!
or ???


  1. I think all of them. He is taking the position because he was threatened to be killed by the funding organization because they wanted his funding money. In their threat they made him lie on the police report. So he is going into the witness relocation program to Harvard because no one would think a 25 yr veteran would make such a career jump!

    Good luck guys. We would love to have a BBQ. Our house is always open for a party.

  2. Sorry, Jodi is my visiting teacher and can't leave me (I like her way too much). There you go, decision made...I'm glad I can make that easier for you guys.

  3. Dear Tajodilor,

    I'm glad to hear that you have not yet been burninated. I hope all is going well. Are you two planning a trip out to the island before the summer is out? I think you should on account of how much I miss you guys. Until we meet again, God be with ye, Taylor Jodi Awesome Sparks.


  4. Oh man, that stinks as bad as Jimmy's diapers do sometimes! Maybe we should all just move to Argentina and get it over with. Aguanta!

    James, RuthAnne and Jimmy

  5. What is there to think about? HARVARD! Hello! We are obviously in support of this choice because we are all about risks and relying on faith. We think that that is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity and if it feels right you know that the lord will watch over your every step. Good luck!