Oct 1, 2008


(above: Elder Neves the Cowboy, Susana and me in Rama La Falda)
I heard from a long lost convert from my mission 2 days ago! Susana Costa, a fantastic lady I baptized on my mission, messaged me to tell me that her husband, Luis, just got baptized! this week it happened!

(above: Luis & Susana Costa visiting in Tandil, Argentina)
It was April 27th 2003 that Elder Coats and I decided to knock her door in Palihue, Bahia Blanca, Argentina. She was absolutely one of the best converts of my whole mission. I remember because Luis almost didn't let us in. He decided to "ask his wife" knowing full well that since she was super active in her other church (baptist as I recall)she probably wouldn't let us in. Well to his surprise (and ours!) she did let us in. We had an amazing first in which we taught about Ezekial 37:16-17 which was the beginning of a great conversion. Her pastor did not want to let her go, and we had to resolve a lot of doubts and questions, but three months later, on July 26th 2003 Susana was baptized.

(above: Susana's baptism in the La Falda, Bahia Blanca Chapel)
I had amazingly spiritual experiences with that family and I always knew someday Luis would find the gospel, he was too amazing a person not to. Hearing this news that he was baptized makes me happier than anything I could ever imagine. Felicitaciones Luis! Sos un capazo! Que Dios te bendiga!

(above: she was the last person I visited before flying home at the end of my mission)

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