Sep 28, 2008

Hansens come and visit

We love having family visit. Jodi's Mom, Dad, and her brother Justin and his wife came and visited us this weekend! Since they've already seen most of the sights before we just took em to a farmers market and a few random other places.

We did decide to have wicked awesome Chicken Fights at the Catholic Mission.
As it turns out... a chicken fight with a 200 lb marine versus an 125 lb scientist is pretty much a bad idea. here we are running for our lives.

If you look carefully in the picture to the right- you'll see the exact moment Jodi decided to go Chuck Norris on my and snap my neck like a twig.

Jodi took the picture on the left... and whoever took the picture on the right... well, I have no excuse for their sense of cropping. Who needs legs, right?

The grass was entirely too awesome to not deserve a few flips.

We did catch some killer sunsets from our secret sunset watching hideaway...

A month or so ago we also went down to visit Justin on their hometurf in LA. We decided to wander around Hollywood since it had been a long time since we'd been there.

Also- I grew a goatee. which in the absence of an honest to goodness mustache, is a decent consolation prize.

People watching is our favorite thing to do sometimes...

Justin, Jodi and I also went boogie-boarding at Newport Beach. The waves were mega big and we had a blast! We even sent Jodi out into the monstrous swells and watched her get pummeled by the massive waves. (and lose her top!)

We are so sad Justin and Lauren are moving! It was so nice to have some family close. Good luck on your trip home! We love you guys.


  1. Boy, I sure wish we could live in Cali for a while! It's so nice there. Jodi, I'll trade a Utah Fall for a Cali Winter anyday. Let me know when you want to take me up on that offer :-) To answer your question, I'm still shooting with my D70s, but hope to be upgrading to the D300 in the next week or two! It's about time for an upgrade. Are you still shooting with your D80?

  2. looks like fun! I haven't been in so long! Your pics look great! You look great (Jodi, not that Taylor doesn't but jodi's the cutest! really, she is, I don't think you [taylor] will fight me on this one...)