Sep 24, 2008

Put your money where your mouth is- literally

Obama preaches on his own website for equal pay for equal work complaining how women in america only get 77 cents for every dollar a man gets compensated. What an outrage he claims!

Ok- put your money where your mouth is dude. In this killer article on the National Review his hypocritical double standard is exposed. In his Senate office he pays men an average of $54,397 per year and his women only get $45,152 per year which means for every dollar a man gets a woman only gets 83 cents.
Furthermore, of his top five highest paying (and most important) jobs only 1 was a woman.

Biden is even worse. An average male salary for his Senate office is $76,937 per year while the average woman's salary is only $56,217 corresponding to only 73 cents for every dollar a man gets! This coming from the team that was outraged that women in america only get 77 cents to the dollar! Again Biden only has 1 woman in his top five paying positions.

In a new add Obama and Biden actually have the audacity to attack McCain for not voting for the supposed "equal pay for equal work bill." McCain opposes this because it would lead to endless lawsuits and government meddling in issues it was never created to address. Does the government know better how to run a business than the private sector? Should a business be forced to meet some arbitrary, ridiculous quotas defined by government? Do we really want business advice from the same government that bankrupted Social Security? They couldn't even keep their Senate cafeteria in the black this year, they had to bail it out too!

McCain actually walks the walk. An average female in his Senate staff makes $55,878 while men only make $53,936 meaning that women actually make 1.04 for every dollar a man makes! Obama/Biden... audacity indeed.


  1. you do know that Obama isn't the only one who says one thing and does another. I wonder who WROTE the bill on immigration but now claims to be against it. Oh Wait it's McCain! And that's another thing people talk about how they can't trust a politician that Hollywood support. because they do things to be popular. I wonder why he now is against something he believed so much that he wrote the bill. Could it be because it's popular? And Yeah, he does support women. I mean his VP is a woman and She was obviously a great choice. I mean she knows so much about international affairs. So much because she lives right next to Canada. Wow, he's making great choices left and right.

  2. The comparison doesn't translate.

    When the entire country rebelled against McCain's amnesty bill he wised up, realized his constituents had spoken and did his best to try and represent them. I don't see the hypocrisy in that. In fact, I'm glad that he was actually willing to listen to the people he represents and actually was humble enough to say "I was wrong, I've learned my lesson."

    If he had on his website that amnesty was still the way to go and he now supported legislation against it then it would be like what obama is doing. but he isn't. thus your comparison is flawed.

  3. I don't know how much he has really changed in that. I highly doubt that he saw that people didn't like it so he completely changed his ways. But it doesn't really matter because let's face it the majority of politicians are liars and hypocrites anyhow. And in the comparison of men verses women. did they compare it straight across the board or did they compare men verses women with the same job and education?

  4. I agree, politicians are creeps. Is it so hard to find a few decent people we can vote for? Neither candidate is my ideal one. Though there's question the lesser of the two evils. If I can choose between chopping off all 10 of my fingers or just a few...

    The study was simply based on gender and payrate. but that's the point- the equal work for equal pay bill meddles in the private sector. It assumes that it can assign a expected payrate for a certain job only looking at education and training. It ignores important things like experience, drive, ability etc. These are things the government was never established to regulate.

  5. Great comments, and I hope you two are still friends ;)

    but seriously, I think you both have very valid points. The same stats can be twisted or just refined to give "good-looking" statistics.

    If you saw the first 10 minutes of the debate, that was what it was all about. Showing the same statistics in a different light to make the other one look bad.

    <3 to all ;)

  6. michelle and i have known eachother since she wore wire hangars in her hair in 7th grade.
    we're definitely still friends.

    i did watch the debate, but I'll be honest. It's hard to take anybody seriously once they decide to run. I don't believe either is being sincere or candid at this point.