Sep 10, 2008

Chinese Laundry Advice

Note: When it's late at night and you're hurrying to do your laundry in a little chinese washing machine and you realize, as you start the machine, that you didn't buy any detergent yet....
it is NOT a good idea to use body wash as a replacement. Doing so will cause the machine to bubble up like crazy and make a horrible mess which will really tick off the cleaning lady... and leave my clothes all soapy and smelling like chinese body wash.

not that this happened to me, just if it did... then that would be my advice.

Ok- and I also owe Jodi a MythBusters apology. When I said soap is soap, they're both surfactants and that's all.... I was wrong. You were right. I won't use body wash instead of detergent ever again.

I should have stuck to using a stick, a bar of soap and a bucket, that got me by in Argentina.


  1. Ah the time old soap vs soap argument. You have so much to learn grasshopper...

  2. I'm glad that you are man enough to do the mustache "you were right" routine.