Sep 8, 2008

tsinghua university canal

this thing is really pretty. I had a few hours of light left so I followed it around campus. Too bad it got dark before I could take more pictures of stuff.

And then I followed the canal off campus and found out that the guards that are everywhere are actually supposed to be checking ID cards. Well, I found one who was doing his job and I still don't have a card yet... which led to a very long discussion in my limited Chinese. I love this place. I'm so glad that I Dr. Clarke had me take that Chinese course!


  1. Let's face it. I'm so jealous of you at least in those pictures. It's so gorgeous.

  2. this is soooo cool taylor! china looks awesome - esp when you know people with cowboy names and get to eat pig parts with giant toothpicks. we are jealous, but i must admit i feel kinda bad for jodi - stuck at home, all by her lonesome.

    random question tho- how do you make that photo collage thingy?

  3. download picasa. (it's great!)
    once you do you simply select the photos you want to collage and it's one button click later you've got your collage exported to a folder of your choosing. There are other collages available too.
    I use picasa the most though to resize large numbers of photos in one click. To do so you just select the pictures and then click export and select the size you'd like. If you make it smaller then when you post them on the blog they take less time to load, take less memory, and when people click on them they aren't mega gigantic- you can do all that with most image processing software but i've yet to find one that does multiple photos with one action so easily.
    No- I'm not getting paid by google.

  4. yeah, orange shoes are really hard to find! it took me like two months to find them. I finally found them at charolette russe.

  5. Your dad would be having a ball figuring out inappropriate names for you in Chinese! I can just imagine how much fun he would have doing that. Thanks for all the cool pictures. Stay Helen