Nov 16, 2008

Go Utes!

Since we are moving to the east coast soon, Taylor couldn't pass up a Utah game that was so close to us...since it will probably be a while before he can go to another. They killed San Diego State 63 to 14, great game! (whoa, whoa! Taylor here: I should add that the Utes never even had to punt the whole game! We scored every time we touched the football with the one exception where we threw a INT. Also if you notice the stadium... we had more fans come from two states away to see the game than SDSU had for their own team! By 4th quarter there were like 12 SDSU fans left, everybody had gone home!)Since we were going to San Diego for the game, we figured we may as well make a weekend trip out of it and enjoy the city.
We went to the temple and it was incredible and beautiful.
And no, they didn't let Taylor into the Temple in his Utah shirt. In fact, they didn't let him in at all because his recommend apparently expired in May, which is funny because we have been several times since then...even more funny is afterwards when Taylor came back to pick me up from the temple we checked mine, and it also had expired in May. So much for expiration dates. We better get on that.
We also walked around Balboa park and got some great pics.
Yay for weekend warrior trips!


  1. I have a nice BYU shirt that would look great on you Taylor. Hey are you guys okay with all the fires going on there?

  2. We love San Diego too.Opa was born there.There is so much to see and do.I used to go to the Park with the Kids when Opa was in Iceland.There was always something going on.Also the Zoo is great and of course Seaworld and old town.
    How close is the Fire to you??
    When are you moving?
    Hugs Oma and Opa

  3. Luckily this fire is further away than the last one. This one's about 7-10 miles away and the last one was only 2-3. I think they have it contained. Other than polluting the air it didn't really disrupt us very much. The last one was much worse. It had extended power outages and all that.

    I'm really gonna miss dad not being there to watch the BYU-UTAH game with me.

  4. the san diego temple really is gorgeous. I have yet to be in but next time I'm in Cali I'm all over that. Looks like a fun weekend for the two of you. Adam and Justin Dahl were at the game too.

    P.S. I'm diggin that park. that is all.

  5. Amazing pictures of the temple. UH-MAZE-ING!