Nov 11, 2008

it may be snowing in utah...

... but it's BEAUTIFUL in Santa Barbara!
check it out! it's been so nice we are spending more time than ever outside! We even got Jodi a bike! 15 bucks and she is the proud new owner of a bike that shifts gears automatically! cool eh? I was so intrigued I had to fiddle with it until I figured out how they designed a bike to know when to switch gears. Here's a picture and brief explication.

She went on her maiden voyage with her new bike last week. We went down through I.V. which is always totally insane of course but it was actually really nice. Soft guitar music floating from a porch, a barbeque, an amazing sunset, cliff lined beach, people playing volleyball etc. And then right as Jodi was thinking "hey, I think I'll miss I.V. a little bit, it's not so bad here..." We heard somebody yell from their porch "Hey slutski on the mountain bike! Come over here and show us a good time!" Ah yes, classy to the end I.V.

Meanwhile, the weather is even nice for surfing. Here's my newly fixed board: note the spot where Andrew Magnusson smashed some serious face. well, maybe that was actually on his board, but this board was definitely part of the action. These pictures are mainly an effort to lure my brother, Heavy-D, out to visit. Just think D, that could be your tooth that gets cracked in half.

And lastly, with the nice weather year round I have become a full blown bicycle commuter since I bought my fixie. I filled up my motorcycle tank for the first time in four months and it only cost 5 bucks. However, I learned a sad lesson about the dorky pant leg roll-up the other day. Sprockets are hungry and pants are on the menu. It ripped that baby right off before I knew what happened.


  1. There may be snow everywhere in utah except Logan. We have had no snow. But it's definitely not bike weather here. I'm jealous. I want to ride my cute townie. And oh yes that nerdy pant roll is a ness. Congrats Jodi on the new bike!