Nov 5, 2008


Forget the yes we cans,
we are at least feeling triumphant for Yes on 8!
For those of you wondering what it must have been like fighting for Proposition 8,
this pictures says it all.
Our opponents are already fighting the people's decision for a second time, saying that Prop 8 was done illegally, but I have confidence it will hold.
Whether you feel that you won or lost during this election season, I think we can all agree that it is such a relief to have it over with. It is so refreshing to see my city without all of those yard signs screaming out at me on every corner.

I have never felt more hated in my entire life, but through it all my heart aches for my opponent. Although I'm certain they would never understand my feelings, and would likely have something nasty to say in response, that doesn't change anything. These people are suffering a loss of their own and I am completely aware of that. I don't wish for battles and defeats. I am grateful for the eternal perspective on war and fighting for what you believe in that I hold so dear to me. I look to the examples of great prophets in the Book of Mormon who hated to fight, who sincerely loved their enemies- their brethren whom they prayed for, but knew it was necessary in order to protect their religion, peace, families, and freedoms. Not to mention just keeping the government in line. Let us not forget our opponents in this battle; no matter how much they hate us, I will continue to pray for and love them.

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  1. Well said! From what I hear, you Californian folks had it pretty rough out there. Thanks for hanging in there! As for those of us rooting for you back here, we had 8 churches vandalized the other day, so the hatred is sadly visible.