Jan 10, 2009

Christmas Vacation

It was pretty fantastic to go home for a couple of weeks and enjoy the holidays with family. Taylor's mom made a fabulous advent dinner and invited all of the in-laws parents to join us.
Christmas was full of cheer, a lot of wrapping paper, and cute nieces and nephews.I pretty much nailed it this year with Taylor's gifts...a UTE Sugar Bowl shirt, climbing hardware, and hot sauces from around the world. He was one happy boy.My gorgeous nieces have already passed me up in everywayI made Taylor hold babies. Secretly, he really loved it, don't let him fool you...We did a little sledding with my familyAnd we played A LOT of rock band with Taylor's family. Turns out I'm a pretty wicked awesome drummer. Taylor never knew the wifey had such good rythm...Meet Maggie...Taylor's three legged dog. Her and I...we don't get a long so well. Although, she does do a pretty mean shakeface.We had dinner with some of my high school friendsAnd we made some time for my favorite winter sport, snowshoeing with our awesome friend Kevin Day and Kashi. It was a great way to start off our New Year's day. The drive home was pretty much miserable and long. I don't deny that I made it worse by being a crabby wife because I was bored and I didn't have a book on tape. Taylor is a good husband to put up with me and he did most of the driving.

Well it's a new year, new goals, new haircuts for both of us (which by the way has been slightly tweaked and I no longer look like David Bowie as stated by my loving husband) and I do like it.And this is pretty much how Taylor feels about all haircuts...Long live 2009 and life in the shackles of graduate school.
Who knows what it will make us do next.


  1. Yes, baby Hunter is the reason I didn't answer my phone! Sorry I didn't have a chance to call you back sooner. Things were just really crazy. I hope you had a good time visiting family and I hope that I can catch ya next time you are in town! So as you know we had our baby boy. He is so great and we love him so much!

  2. Oh what a fun time. my family rocked rock band as well. I suck at the drums, singing's more my bag.