Jan 14, 2009


I never do this type of thing, but I have been reading them on a lot of blogs and they are kind of fun, so I thought what the heck...here are some things about me you may or may not know. Perhaps you will feel that our friendship is now that much closer.

I love to stay up late, but don't let me fall asleep outside of my bed or there may be crying and gnashing of teeth.

I really like dredlocks...I would never get them, but I like the way they look.

I'm pretty up to speed on 50's music and movies, thanks to having older parents...I was always the nerd that knew who sang

"that old song"

I have double jointed thumbs that freak people out.

I am a movie fiend...I especially like dramas, foreign films, and unusually unique flicks

I love scouting, scout camps have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, I have a closet full of uniforms, and if I were a boy I'd probably be an Eagle Scout

I HATE the sound of dragging over rough surfaces and markers on cardboard

I am definitely a perfectionist who also suffers from OCD

I'm a time freak
-because of my OCD tendancies I feel like I have to be accompli
shing something EVERY minute of my day, but I also daydream a lot and lose track of time (my mother accused me of "piddling around" for years) so I'm always wearing my watch, except for when I sleep,
yes even in the shower.
*funny story: I was wearing my watch in the temple when we got married so that I could make sure I was on time, but forgot to take it off so in my wedding pictures where I come bursting out of the temple doors...I look like a nerd with a watch:( I at least noticed soon after and promptly removed it*...whew long story

I pick at the skin around my fingernails...a habit I've been trying to break since the 9th

If I could spend a day with anyone who is dead- it would be Leonardo Da Vinci- a simply magnificent individual who truly took advantage of the world around him and discovered every facet of creation. He understood, probably more than anyone, that knowledge is power.

I heart Elton John.

I slept like a thrashing demon until I was about 16, and then I suddenly started sleeping like a stiff corpse...for reals...wierd.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are unreliable or flaky

I'm a planning freak *note previously stated peeve*

I love nachos, cheese, and hot chocolate... and eat them most days

I'm driven to do the opposite of trends...I hate being like everybody else

I love the cello. Bach's Cello Suite No.1

I'm allergic to penicillin

I was in the musicals every year in highschool and had a leading role my junior year

I hate Los Angeles

I draw, and paint sometimes, and I like to draw black people more than anything else

I feel very passionate about life...and that's probably why I could find a reason to CRY over just about anything- out of happiness and sadness.

I love theater and live perfomances

In college I worked in the scenery shop building sets and I LOVED it...It absolutely made my professors day when I told him I discovered a new passion-now if I just had the space for my own workshop...

As a kid I drew floor plans instead of pictures of rainbows and ponies -well I did those too-I Really wanted to study architecture in college...but it just wasn't it the cards.

I still draw up floor plans in my spare time.

Taylor is the only boy I have ever kissed
Boys did like me in high school, I just wouldn't kiss any of them
But I did have a crush on every boy

I REALLY dislike Indian food

I dance a lot, when nobody is around, and I think I have some pretty fancy footwork...Taylor has been surprised

I love being a Mormon
and I love linking everything to that website

I love being obsessed with a book...and I think Oscar Wilde is absolutely
my favorite author
Even more I love discovering that everytime I read his work

I love live music...of most varieties

And best of all, I know I'm a daughter of GOD


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing you life and you quirks! I love that you are a stiff sleeper that is kinda freaky. Hey we are so glad you guys are doing the Harvard thing. Definatly let us know when you are in Utah so we can get to together with the gang in K-ville.

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  3. THanks so much for sharing. thatwas so fun to read.

  4. Glad I happened across this it in one of my rare computer wanderings (dang facebook)...I love that kind of stuff though...still waiting to find out if we are going to join you on the East Coast so we can live vicariously through your Harvard life!

  5. Cute and artsy! I learned a bunch of stuff about you too. I like typography art (can I call it that?) but can't quite make it happen myself.

  6. I loved reading about your floor plan fedish because I totally remember it. You used to always doodle those and I was so intrigued by them! Was it you that used to design dresses too, or was that Jenny?

  7. Okay I thought I was reading about Taylor and was so in shock about the being in every high school musical thing. ( It was a well kept family secret... so I thought.)I did figure it out when I read the only kissed Taylor part. Perhaps I should slow down and read every word. It was fun getting to know you a bit better. ...Helen

  8. Wanna know what's funny? I had a somewhat similar strange sleeping habit when I was younger. I would bounce my head on the pillow until I fell asleep. Weird, I know. Hey, I sent an email to you about your expodisc inquiry. I had a hotmail account as your address, so I hope I sent it to the right one. Let me know if I need to send it to a different account.