Jan 25, 2009

7 Falls Hike!

We went on an epic journey this Saturday. It was so rad! It looked like it might rain, especially up in the mountains, but we decided to go anyway and boy was it worth it! Our destination was 7 falls up above the Mission in Santa Barbara.
It was a really fun hike because we just got to hop from rock to rock along the river bed. It was really fun until we got to this super hard part to get past. The rocks were really slick and steep slanting into this deep murk water. We had to do some sweet ninja moves to get past them.
Here's Jackie doing her ninja chimney crawl...
Me looking down the chimney the girls are climbing...
Jodi looks like spiderwoman here. She did awesome.
Just past the hardest part.
Jodi was ecstatic to be past the hard part.
Garret showing Jackie how the ninja wall kick jump is done.Jackie doing the ninja wall kick jump (it was only a 3 feet jump over 6 inch deep water, you'd think it was hot lava by how the girls were reacting.)
Jodi made no pretenses about doing the leap of doom- she climbed around.
the walls were really steep and slick in parts though
The group behind us didn't even dare to go past the hard part! Granted, they had a little pug to carry.
THIS was definitely the best part of the hike though. After I had hiked up past the hard part and I was trying to convince the girls that they could do it they had serious reservations. I looked away for a minute and apparently Jodi had a random spurt of short lived bravery and she went scampering up this rocky incline. I looked back and saw her and she frieked out! She was terrified. She ended laying all the way down on the rock face and slithering down the rock backwards like a slug while Garret held her feet for her!
The hard part required the use of some serious commando toes.
It had tons of pretty pools of water.
and on the way back down we found this sweet salamander... or newt thing.


  1. That looks like fun. And I would have gotten scared half way up too.

  2. That's a California newt, Taricha torosa.

  3. i would have been avoiding that leap of doom like jodi...takin the long way 'round. but i was suprised by those ninja moves that she busted out! dang girl!!!