Jan 25, 2009


Wahoo! No more debt! The car is officially paid off!!


  1. yippeeee! in like 6 years i'll get to say the same thing!

  2. Wow!! Congratulations.

    And tell Taylor I was saying "agarrar la mano" cuz I always teach them the infinitive of the verb with the noun.

    I have been pondering it all day which shows how geeky I really am.

  3. That,s great to have no car payments.You did a great job.I enjoy Jody,s blog.You are doing just great.Hugs to you from Oma and opa

  4. what a great feeling! Congrats! We only had a few more payments on my car and it started to show signs of desperation...so sadly we got rid of it...got a new car and are in the same boat as we were before. I do love my 'new to me' car though.