Jan 31, 2009

a cabin story

The following is based on a true story, stolen from the Jeepeeseeenss.s.

It started out when 5 couples took to the mountains for a weekend at the cabin. They're a random enough group of people.
Every story needs a villain though, can you spot ours?
We'll make it easy and put the villain in a perfect villain suit.
(The villain farts once in public and look what happens!)
Once up at the cabin we proceeded to make sure gravity was still working. Gravity... check.
Then during the check, Garret was abducted by aliens...

If regular flips are awesome... then synchronized flips are double awesome.
The characters experience death-defying adventures wicked awesome snowmobiling rides!
The hard snowmobile ride was worth it... it was beautiful!Even the characters disagreements were settled like gentlemen with a promp whitewashing, scone dough-ball to the face, or tiger uppercut.
happily ever after.
Thanks so much Jeppeeseknes! The trip was amazing!


  1. Looks like mucho fun and sweeeet *disco snowsuit.

    Who did the photo montages? Incredible!

    *not disco as in 70s, disco as in bad taste from another era

  2. Looks like fun. Who did Andy take and when was this?

  3. Andy brought the mysterious Alta. She was... well... Anyway. It was a great time! We went to the cabin over Martin Luther King Day. It was so sweet!

  4. I loved reliving it all through photo blogging. Awesome trip. I'll miss Mattos but I suppose he's in a better place now.