Feb 4, 2009

Going Green...with nausea

"We must face up to this urgent and unprecedented threat to the existence of our civilization," ... "This is the most serious challenge the world has ever faced (????)." ... It "could completely end human civilization, and it is rushing at us with such speed and force."

uhhh...thank you Al Gore (please please please read this article)

I quite detest this "global warming"

I think it's a sham some alarmists get rich off of for having a noble cause, not scientifically proven, and (heaven forbid I use a theological argument) against God's great plan of happiness. If the government changes the dynamics of the economy to follow this theory, I believe we will be taking a step in the wrong direction.

"Okay, she's crazy..." you're probably thinking at this point "how can making these changes to help our earth be a step in the wrong direction?"

The problem is that people seem to think it is a noble new trend, let's all go green and fix the earth, and that's it. That does seem fantastic. Unfortunately, I have a problem with our government planning to spend millions of dollars- unnecessary spending for what I DO NOT feel is "the most serious challenge the world has ever faced" (that, and I'm afraid they are going to start telling everyone what to do). Don't quote me on this, but I believe that global warming is like 6th or 7th on the list of problems average Americans are most concerned about. Then why has it become such a priority? Temperatures have been decreasing for 10 years now but listen to the nuts and they'd have you thinking just the opposite! Besides, if greenhouse gases really cause this climate change then WATER vapor represents by far the majority of these gases and the CO2 is too small to be making significant changes.

Okay, so they say it is a problem and we should all be a little better about things. Fine. But, what about the idea that the auto industry has to make all hybrids, and we have to drive them? Or check this out, now people are telling us we should only be allowed to have two children (or better yet, none at all). Next they will say if your license plate ends in an even # you can drive MWF, and if it ends in an odd # you can drive TTH. 2 children, big controlling government...sounds like China (and they actually do the license plate thing). They're communist, and I would rather not take a step in that direction. Is anyone else thinking about any of these consequences? Really, tell me, I want to know what you think.

So why would I think GW is contrary to our plan of happiness? Here's a quote from the same guy who thinks we should only be allowed to have 2 children..."curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming." Doesn't that just sound like the adversary speaking. This is what he wants- to put a slow down and halt on the family...having children is selfish and irresponsible. I'm pretty sure the human species will not die out because of GW, but I do think it will if we all stop having children...

I really didn't mean to rant, it just came out. But I was really hoping to maybe provide some new perspective according to my own theories, and get people thinking. This just isn't priority to me. I love the earth, it's God's most remarkable and beautiful creation next to mankind, and I'm a nut when it comes to recycling and saving water, etc.- I do it! . So do your part, reduce, reuse, recycle, be resourceful, be conservative (I think we can all remind Al Gore to do his part a little better as well with his $30,000 annual utility bill)...but please don't get caught up in the hype and potential end of the earth and the human species, God will take care of that. And if global warming makes the weather this nice every January in Santa Barbara, bring it on.

And please don't feel like I was yelling at you through my blog:)


  1. Ah, but maybe global warming is part of the plan of happiness. After all, the earth has to burn before it can be celestialized and turn into a sea of glass. Maybe we're not doing enough to heat the earth. Perhaps we should all start driving Hummers and using more Aquanet in an effort to speed up the process.

  2. A hybrid isn't a good choice for most people who do in-town driving because it gets average mpg unless going faster so it is more of a commuter car.

    And as for limiting the populace, I don't see how families who know how to reduce their carbon footprint limiting their numbers to be that effective. I think we should all be wiser stewards over the planet which means, as you say, reducing and reusing. And perhaps squishing 6 people into a 2-bedroom apt (ok that last part I threw in to feel better about myself).

  3. good good, I like the way you are thinking! And good point Krissie, haha, I think if global warming is part of the plan- I'm just not so concerned about it. Let it be and take its natural course.

  4. "I'm pretty sure the human species will not die out because of GW, but I do think it will if we all stop having children..."
    Jodi you are too funny- and so true. :)
    I agree with you. Chill out people! Ha ha ha!

  5. Meanwhile, Saudia Arabia, one of the warmest countries in the world had the coldest winter they have experienced in the past 20 years, people in China are dying after suffering their coldest winter in 100 years, and other scientists are predicting an ice age.
    Are new government scares the daylights out of me!

  6. This post could have been copied and pasted from my brain.

    Well said Jodi!